Thailand Open raises over $50,000 for breast cancer charity

Thanks to the fundraising activities of the GSB Thailand Open presented by E@ and its’ associated supporters, Proud Group, APG and WTA Charities over THB 1.6 million, around US$53,000, has been raised for the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation.

At the closing ceremony Proud Group’s Proudputh Liptapanlop presented the charity with a cheque for THB 1 million raised through ticket sales throughout the week at the WTA International event.  Organizing partner APG donated THB 311,224 ($10,000) which was matched by WTA Charities to bring the total raised to over THB 1.6 million, around US $53,000. Invaluable awareness for the disease and early screening was also helped by turning the match courts pink and the #gopink theme that was promoted throughout the week in Hua Hin.

The money raised will go towards helping fund the Foundation which works with disadvantaged communities in Thailand to educate women about breast cancer awareness and also provides medical and social care for women suffering from the disease.  Finola Chatamra, Honorary Advisor to the Foundation explained how the money will help some of the most vulnerable women:

“Our mission when we started the Foundation was to lift the bar of care for breast cancer in Thailand and make it accessible for anyone in the country, from Her Majesty Queen Sirikit alongwards to everyone in society.  The Foundation funds sending doctors abroad to train, ensuring we have the best, state of the art equipment and the right philosophy of care for patients.”

“We reach out to slum communities and do a lot of education and screening work for the very poorest women who have no opportunities for screening or who are too scared.  We go into communities and bring all the children in to have food and take part in fun activities while we work with the women.”   

As part of their education and outreach programme the Foundation brought a group to enjoy a day out in Hua Hin:

“We brought 51 women and children, some of whom had never had a day out or seen the sea, to Hua Hin to have fun at the Vana Nava Water Park and the beach and then to watch the tennis and see all the great things that were being done to support them at the tournament.”

“We are so grateful for the donations received today, this will go directly towards funding our Pink Park, a centre of care in Minburi, not far from Bangkok, that we have built that takes in the most vulnerable women, who may have been living under an expressway while undergoing radiotherapy.  They can stay and be cared for during their treatment or in the worst case scenarios they have somewhere to die with dignity, which may not have been the case if they were living on the streets.”
For more information on the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation go to: